Top recruiting companies in India and IT hiring intent

The IT sector stands out as a source of chances and expansion in the vibrant employment landscape of India. Because of the digital revolution, there is an increasing need for trained IT experts in various fields that have reached a new high. The top recruiting companies in India, like Taggd which is an online hiring service that has been providing India Inc. with

candidates who are prepared to start working immediately since it started, carried out a new survey about their intentions for recruiting people; the findings highlighted how job opportunities keep being very strong in the IT industry.

Hiring intent in the IT sector

The IT sector in India, which is continuously changing, keeps a feeling of careful hope. It is ready for expansion and new ideas. Many detailed surveys have been done. Taggd is one important digital hiring platform that concentrates on finding talented people to work for companies. These surveys suggest there will be an increase in the number of jobs available in the IT field soon; they predict about a 10% rise by 2023 when compared with last year’s numbers.

Companies that were surveyed, representing a significant 31% of the total number, support this positive view with information from comprehensive research. Important results show about 57% of soon-to-be new employees are expected to have limited experience – specifically less than five years. These numbers highlight how strongly the industry wants new people because it always looks for new ideas and changes with the latest technologies.

The survey highlights that a notable 22% of people looking to be hired have a moderate amount of experience, which is about six to ten years. This group is very important because they have shown that they can learn complex skills in the IT industry and still have much room for further improvement and learning.

Exploring the information more, it is seen that about 12% of people who will be hired are likely to have a lot of experience, around 11-15 years. These skilled individuals bring with them a great deal of knowledge and understanding from working many years in different parts of IT. They really improve our hiring process. This shows that companies understand how important experience is and also points out that having experienced workers is very necessary for continuous growth and new ideas.

The survey also shows that a small but important part, which is 9% of the people expected to be hired soon, are experts who have worked for more than 15 years. These professionals have a lot of experience and a history of success; they are special members ready to greatly help in the growth and change of the IT field.

Gender diversity in IT hiring

The sector of technology, which is mostly made up of men, shows clear attempts to include more women. A survey from Taggd reveals that in the tech area, there are 35 per cent of women working compared to 65 per cent of men. In jobs at the beginning level, there are more women; their number is 38%. But when you look higher up to the executive roles, this number goes down to just 17%. It shows that we need to do more to include and give power to people.

Location-based hiring trends

The IT industry in India is now growing beyond the usual big centres. Firms are extending their activities to smaller cities, looking at how they can get skilled people and save on costs. The survey shows a change: it predicts that job recruitment from smaller cities, not the big tier 1 ones, will increase to 33% in 2022. At the same time, we expect that the bigger tier-1 city’s share in hiring will decrease to just over half at about 53%, down from last year when it was nearly two-thirds or around 67%.

Expected mode of working

The survey from a recruitment company in India, Taggd shows that the culture of working remotely, which started because of the pandemic, greatly changed the IT industry. To explain more: 66% of these workers want to continue with a mixed way of working from home and sometimes going to the office; meanwhile, 24% prefer to work only in an office setting. The leftover part, which is just 10%, indicates a significant change; it means we are moving closer to the way things were before the pandemic with an increased number of individuals choosing to work from home compared to earlier times.

Skills in demand

The area of skills is always changing quickly because of new technology. Data Science still has a lot of demand, but now there are also new technologies coming up. These are things like DevOps, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Robotic Process Automation and augmented reality or virtual reality in online games. Moreover, IT Architecture and Design together with Cloud Computing are becoming more important. It is obvious that professionals who want to be excellent in the IT field, need to keep improving their skills regularly to remain competitive because of these trends in the industry.

Business outlook for the Indian IT sector

More money going in, a better understanding of digital things, and helpful government rules give a good chance for the IT business in India to grow. People say that by 2025, the Indian IT and business services could get really big with possibly $19.93 billion value; also, with the cloud computing market growing so much it might be worth $1.9 trillion by 2032 – this is a big chance for Indian IT companies to do well.


To finish, people looking for jobs and the companies that hire in India’s IT field see it as a place full of energy and change. There are new ways they look to hire now, with attention to having varied teams and making sure everyone has an equal chance. Also, there is always a strong effort to come up with new ideas – all these things make the RPO companies likely to grow even more and do well in the future. Companies need to adjust to the changing environment. They should focus on using technology and skilled people to keep their advantage in the worldwide market. Taggd uses both human understanding and data for a wide talent acquisition strategy, helping with this change by meeting the talent needs of more than 14 sectors. Until now, they have helped over 100 clients to hire for around 500,000 positions.

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