As technology advances with time, there also emerges the need to keep up with various security features to combat fraud, and when it comes to cybersecurity, most of us are still stuck in a PC computing mindset. As more and more shopping and payment processing is happening through phones and tablets, what can we do to create a safe and fraud-free mobile payments environment? The golden rule of fraud is that it follows the money, as consumers have warmed to mobile e-commerce, payment apps, e-wallets, and other technological conveniences and appsealing helps to easily identify any kind of deception or fraud-retrieve sensitive data, inject malware, rooting and jailbreaking, unpatched vulnerabilities etc.

 What is an app fraud? One key difference between desktop PC security and mobile security is that, in the former, you’re typically interfacing with your customers via a web page, but on a mobile device, your customers are most likely connecting with you through a proprietary app. Securing a web page carried over an open, standard protocol is a very different endeavour from building and securing a self-contained app from scratch. Even if your app doesn’t store payment credentials or other financial data,  breaking into it can be highly rewarding for fraudsters who might be looking for personal information to use in illegal activites or identity theft schemes. Account takeover attacks can be extremely lucrative because of all the various ways they can be leveraged, so don’t fool yourself into thinking that your app is too inconsequential to be targeted.  How can my mobile app be more secure? Below is a list of some measures taken to detect fraud.

How does fraud detection minimize the risk of damage?

 1)  Appsealing- Fraud detection uses advanced techniques like appealing to make codes more complicated so that they cannot be easily altered, this process is called app shielding and it not only secures sensitive data but also protects it from potential threats, it secures mobile apps without having to write manual codes or any app security expertise making it an easier option, Appsealing also allows mobile applications to run smoothly in different devices, protecting it from potential threats.

 2)   Prevents threat- Fraud detection makes it proactively easy to protect mobile applications against potential threats and attacks. Many fraudsters have been right behind the software and application developers, testing new systems for weaknesses and finding vulnerabilities in the hardware, software, and human behaviours that enable them to strengthen application systems, here fraud detection comes into play and prevents any kind of possible threat.

 3)   Ensures trust-  Fraud detection ensures the trust of the customers as its high app security helps detect all kinds of possible threats, and malicious behaviour and its various features enable detection of attack behaviour, source, device details, run-time performance, etc with high efficiency, within minutes for a more convenient and smooth experience of the users.


Gone are the days when fraud detecting was a complex job With the emergence of Appealing, securing mobile apps and protecting them against fraudsters, has become easier than ever it has revolutionised the application security game through its inbuilt security platform preventing threats, mechanism, responsive threat alters, anti-code altering mechanism, proguard etc to strengthen mobile app security and ensuring smooth and convenient functioning.

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