13 kinds of graduate jobs in the tech industry

You’ve finished your IT degree, so what occurs subsequent? Right here are thirteen jobs you would possibly find your self in as a graduate.

Getting began

Your graduate career is like the remaining role playing sport and, just as with Skyrim or global of Warcraft, it starts offevolved with you selecting the form of IT expert you’d want to be. To assist prepare you for this decision, jnvu result we’ve assembled a listing of thirteen ordinary jobs that appeal to graduates within the IT zone. You’ll probably be relieved to find out that there’s extra range than you predicted, supplying you with an splendid risk of finding a job that suits your specific set of capabilities, passions and abilities.

1. Laptop support specialist

Also called: technical assist, helpdesk aid, operations analyst, problem supervisor

While matters go incorrect in an IT surroundings, technical assist staff are there to patiently troubleshoot the problem. Typically, technical help teams have client-going through roles, assisting the customers of software program or hardware corporations get the most out in their products. Even as a few guide roles will require employees with specific know-how, others are a notable healthy for patient graduates with exemplary communication talents.

Key talents consist of:

Huge-ranging tech expertise

The potential to problem solve

High-quality communication and the potential to concentrate

Staying power, patience and extra patience!

2. Hardware engineer 

Additionally called: community bput result engineer, community fashion designer

Hardware engineers design, construct, and test computer hardware (inclusive of pc chips and circuit boards) and computer systems. Additionally they paintings with peripheral devices which includes printers, scanners, modems, and monitors, among others. Normally, hardware engineering roles end up extra particular as graduates move from access-degree roles into senior positions. First of all, graduates are probably to be tasked with widespread duties associated with the design, improvement, and trying out of laptop structures and components.

Key abilities include:


Logical wondering


Interest to element

3. Pc structures analyst

Additionally referred to as: product expert, structures engineer, solutions expert, technical designer.

Structures analysts perceive enterprise challenges and then design facts systems that offer a feasible solution. This is generally executed in reaction to a quick from a enterprise or consumer. In addition to designing IT answers, structures analysts are often required to  take economic and administrative issues (consisting of general prices and implementation instances) into consideration. As a end result, the task requires a mixture of enterprise and technical know-how, in addition to awesome interpersonal competencies.

Key abilties consist of:

Potential to extract and analyse facts

Desirable communication



Strategic wondering

The ability to address a couple of stakeholders.

4. Software developer 

Also referred to as: software engineer, application programmer, software architect, gadget programmer/engineer

In case you’re seeking out a innovative function in IT, software improvement can be for you. Software program developers layout a number software solutions, from working structures and databases to mobile applications and games. To understand what the software is required to do, builders regularly liaise notably with customers and associates. You’ll need top programming capabilities to be a software developer – but the rewards will be well worth it, due to the fact this is usually one of the fine-paid graduate roles.

Key talents encompass:

Excessive-level technical information

The capacity to think in a procedural and strategic manner

The capability to paintings inside a crew

Interest to element.

Five. Programmer 

Are you a crack coder with a penchant for fixing troubles? In that case, perhaps recollect a career in programming – it’s moneymaking, difficult and offers numerous opportunities for improvements. Programmers write and test code that permit pc programs and software program packages to feature properly. This frequently involves taking the program designs created by using software developers and engineers, and turning them into commands that a computer can follow.

Key capabilities consist of:


Logical wondering



Interest to detail

6. Net developer 

Also called: net programmers, web designers, net or intranet developers, site owners

In a world wherein humans depend on the internet for the whole thing from banking to social engagement, the paintings of talented web developers is indispensable. Internet builders are chargeable for day-to-day net web page introduction and layout. They combine the capabilities of a computer programmer with the ones of a photo designer. Developers work with all of the factors of an internet site—textual content, photos, graphics, and greater—to provide you with useful, thrilling, and consumer-pleasant designs. You’ll discover web improvement in particular rewarding if you need to stability technical demanding situations with possibilities for innovative paintings.

Key capabilities encompass:

Primary knowledge of web technology (client facet, server facet and databases)

Ability to preserve abreast of new trends in HTML, CSS and different coding languages

Innovative and analytical wondering

Eye for layout and aesthetic

The potential to hassle solve.

7. Network engineer 

Also referred to as: hardware engineer, community fashion designer

Network engineering is one of the more technically traumatic IT jobs. Extensively speakme, this job includes putting in, administering, retaining and upgrading communique structures, nearby vicinity networks and extensive location networks for an agency. Network engineers also are liable for protection, statistics storage and disaster restoration strategies. It’s a surprisingly technical role and you’ll probable become with an excellent collection of expert technical certifications.

Key abilties encompass:

Specialist network knowledge

Extraordinary communication

The potential to increase, follow and regulate a plan of action

Analytical wondering

The ability to hassle resolve.

8. Software tester 

Also called: test analyst, software fine guarantee tester

Undetected software program insects can have a big impact at the productivity and recognition of an IT firm, inflicting all forms of issues, from software crashes to safety breaches. Testers attempt to ‘exterminate’ bugs through looking ahead to all of the approaches an utility or device is probably used. They test scripts and macros, analyse the results, and provide them back to a venture leader in order that any necessary fixes may be made. Testers also can be concerned in the early levels of a venture to weed out any predictable vulnerabilities before software program improvement starts offevolved in earnest.

Key talents include:

Attention to element



Analytical and investigative questioning

Verbal exchange

9. Technical sales

Also called: sales manager, account supervisor, sales govt.

Technical income might be the least palms-on role in this listing, however it still calls for an information of the way businesses use IT. You could sell hardware, or extol the commercial enterprise benefits of software program, network structures or services (like cloud products). Each day, the process should involve telephone calls, conferences, conferences and drafting proposals. On the heart of this function is a willingness to apprehend what customers want and communicate to them in a way that conveys your determination to equip them with the right answer. An IT degree isn’t necessarily vital, but you’ll need to have a radical technical know-how of the product you promote.

Key competencies include:

Product know-how


Interpersonal competencies



Business cognizance.

10. Business analyst 

Also called: business architect, corporation-extensive data professional.

As with technical sales, this isn’t necessarily a arms-on IT task. However, the great analysts are people who understand the technology hired by using their clients and employers. Commercial enterprise analysts are answerable for analysing an agency, documenting its enterprise approaches and structures, comparing its use of technology and figuring out ways to improve effects associated with performance, overall performance, income and value-effectiveness. It can be a brilliant suit for you if you’re a skills IT graduate who loves to study the large photograph.

Key capabilities encompass:




Project management


Eleven. Consumer enjoy (UX) fashion designer

Have you ever used a internet site or app and been pissed off because you couldn’t discover what you were looking for inside the location you expected to peer it? A UX designer’s task is to ensure that this by no means happens. In other words, a UX fashion designer researches, is familiar with and designs strategies that create a continuing user enjoy by way of that specialize in three key regions: appearance (aesthetics), sense (person engagement) and usefulness (ease of use). UX designers frequently paintings intently with net builders who have the technical understand-the way to make sure the UX clothier’s feedback and suggestions are implemented effectively. In architectural phrases, a UX designer could create the blueprints whilst the developer builds the house.

Key abilities encompass:

Human beings-orientated


Interested in/good at predicting human behaviour


Superb verbal and written communication abilities

Constantly inquisitive about the ‘why’.

12. Safety engineer

Also known as: protection analyst, safety engineer, security administrator, protection architect, safety expert, protection consultant

Security is of increasing concern as organizations turn out to be extra digitised. Data breaches should spell the quit of even the most important and most a success businesses if they are not contained properly or agencies don’t have proper methods in place to prevent or deal with them. Increasingly, businesses want human beings committed to strategising the way to shield their statistics, networks and systems and the way to save you, deal with and curtail disasters in the event that they need to arise. This has resulted in a specialised niche being created for security engineers whilst not long in the past this role may additionally have been a part of a community engineer’s challenge listing.

Key competencies consist of:

Expert community knowledge

Professional understanding on the subject of cybersecurity protocols

Attention to element

Exceptional conversation abilities

Capacity to address demanding situations.

13. Information scientist

Also known as: facts architects, facts visualisers, records engineers, records ecologists.

Records scientists are specialists in wrestling with large amounts of (regularly messy) facts points and using their arsenal of abilties in maths, information and programming to clean and organise them into fee-including insights. Straddling the worlds of enterprise and IT, information scientists are being popular to help businesses make the proper selections and find solutions to their demanding situations.

Key capabilities consist of:

Solid hold close of information, along with statistical check and distributions

The ability to work with an expansion of programming languages like SAS, R and Python

Extraordinary researching capabilities

The potential to visually constitute records and insights for simpler analysis

The capacity to look for and find order, patterns and tendencies in statistics.

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